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Drug Testing

Individuals under the supervision of a United States Probation Officer may be subject to routine and/or random drug testing.  The method of testing is typically through the submission of a urine sample; although other methods may also be utilized.  Testing positive for illegal substances or the use of medications without a vaild prescription can result in adverse action being taken by the Court.  The failure to comply with drug testing is a violation of supervision and will be reported to the Court.  Missed drug tests or the inability to produce a sample for testing will be considered positive for illegal substances.



Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance policy is in effect relative to illicit drug use for all offenders in this district. Any instance of illegal drug use is reported to the jurisdictional authority (Court, U.S. Parole Commission).

Illegal drug use jeopardizes your status. Use of drugs that are not prescribed could result in incarceration.



Random urine screens may be collected from you during the term of supervision.

It is required officers conduct a minimum of one urine screen per year in all supervision cases.

Urine screens will be conducted when there is suspicion of illicit drug use, alcohol abuse, or if the officer feels there is a need for one.

Breath alcohol screening tests may also be conducted along with a urine screen.

If unable to provide a sample at the time of the request, your officer may allow to you to wait in the waiting area until you can submit one. If unable to provide one in the allotted time frame, your results may be written up as a "stall."

Stall - to delay, especially by evasion or deception, to prolong or to put off.

Once able to submit a sample, you will be required to notify the receptionist so she may be able to contact an officer to respond to you quickly.

If coming in for a scheduled urinalysis, please come prepared.